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  • Gold Coins - World

    Gold Coins from around the word, whether in boxed sets, individual coins, proof, BU, singles, sovereigns and more. 

  • Euro Coins

    Euro coins in this category are sorted either by year of issue or by country of issue

  • Malta Coins 1972 - 2018

    Malta Coins

    Including Malta Decimal Coins, Commemorative Silver and Gold Coins, Specimen Coins, sets and more

  • British coins

    British coins

  • Knights of Malta Coins

    Knights of Malta Coins

  • Silver Ounces 1oz, 2oz...

    Silver Ounces 1oz, 2oz & 5oz

    Maple Leafs, Mexico Ley, Kookaburras, Philharmonics and more. Some new and some old.

  • Malta Lombard Silver...

    Different silver ingots issued by the Lombard Bank to commemorate different events from 2004 onwards. Usually issued in Silver 999 and boxed with a numbered certificate. Ingots weigh 100 grams and are proof quality.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 531 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 531 items