Do you collect......Have you heard of the latest Euro Souvenir Banknote ? Malta is part of this collection and we have 6 different touristic Euro Souvenir Banknotes already.

In 2015 Richard Faille created the Euro Souvenir, a vision to have touristic sites sell and promote these lovely Souvenir Banknotes. Richard Faille together with Oberthur Fiducaire created what is today a world renowned franchise of collectable souvenir banknotes and is available in European countries like France, Germany Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Andorra, Croatia and of course Malta and many others.


Malta joined this country enlargement in 2018 with a commemorative and touristic banknote depicting the skyline of the capital city Valletta. The theme title was ‘Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018’. Printed on high quality fiduciary paper, the touristic Euro Souvenir banknotes have various security features such as high quality paper, hologram, security thread, watermark, serial sequential numbering system and others.


Following the introduction and success of the first Malta Euro Souvenir Banknote, our company REMYSAID.COM ventured into the exclusive license for production, supply and distribution of the Euro Souvenir Banknotes in Malta. So far there are six different touristic banknotes from Malta available, namely: Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018, Mdina The Silent City, Vintage Transport Malta Buses, Caravaggio in Malta, Grand Harbour Valletta, Gozo Harbour Mgarr. Production quantities run between 5,000 and 10,000 of each issue.


The “Euro Souvenir” is a new souvenir or merchandise concept for the tourism sector and visitor attractions. The note can be personalized with a picture of an attraction, event or building, like built heritage, a museum or a zoo/aquarium, and marketed to visitors and tourists via an ATM-like machine or counter displays. In 2020, the promotion of such Euro Souvenir Banknotes will be focused on customization and merchandising in museums, touristic sites and local specific dedicated areas focusing mainly on Sliema, Valletta, Mdina and Gozo. Prices start from a nominal and affordable price of €3.00

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