The members of our founding committee have been avid numismatists for more than half-a-century combined. On the 30th of January 2018 Simon Ellul Sullivan created the online group Melitensis Monetae. This was the only community online and not, catering to local numismatists. This group quickly gained ground and increased its member numbers to over 800 within two years. With such illustrious members as John Gatt, the calibre of information on the group too garnered much respect and attention among the international community. It was through this group that Colin Formosa, Remy Said, Matheu Caruana and Simon conceived of the idea to solidify the presence of a burgeoning Numismatic community by setting up the Voluntary organisation: the Malta Numismatic Society. 

On the 28th February, 2020 the certificate numbered VO/1896 was issued allowing the MNS to concretely protect numismatists by offering Fair Trade lists and offer a host of other unique services related to Maltese Numismatica aimed at encouraging and promoting the study and collection of numismatics and exonumia, namely but not limited to coins from antiquity until the present day, as well as banknotes, tokens, jetons, medals, seals, dies and weights related to the Maltese Islands throughout its history.


The President

Simon Ellul Sullivan: An avid collector and online guru with a passion for coins from the Knights of Malta. Not only is he a numismatist but also a collector of Exonumia and other interesting collectables mostly 'Malta' related. Simon contributes to the general day-to-day running and marketing of the Society which is dearly appreciated by fellow members.


The Vice-President

Remy Said: As a seasoned commercial dealer and fond memories of numismatics of past and present and owner of this actual website www.remysaid.com, Remy comes from a 4th Generation family business background relating to collectables, mainly Coins, Stamps and Banknotes, and over 20 years of experience in the field. As an ardent dealer, his contribution is mainly towards generating ideas from a commercial aspect, maintaining fair trade amongst fellow members whether commercial or private. With contributions and publications in various Numismatic and Philatelic catalogues in Malta and overseas, Remy also earned a more international respect with regards to the exposure obtained at overseas exhibitions and fair overseas.



The Secretary

Colin Formosa



The Treasurer

Matheu Caruana


We do strongly encourage joining The Malta Numismatic Society to enrich the culture of numismatica and fair trade amonst fellow members. Memberships start from a €25 per year contribution which contributes toward the expenses of the Malta Numismatic Society

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