Coins and Militaria from the box

Coins and Militaria from the box


Coin Collecting


The collecting of coins is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. People collect coins for various reasons however, possibly the most common type of collector is the hobbyist.  A hobbyist is a coin collector who collects purely for fun with no real expectation of profit but solely based on the basis of personal interest.


Another frequent reason for purchasing coins is as an investment. When buying a coin it is important to bear in mind that coin prices are based on supply and demand. Prices drop for coins that are not in long-term demand, and increase along with a coin's perceived or intrinsic value. Investors buy with the expectation that the value of their purchase will increase over the long term.





What are Militaria? “Militaria are artifacts or replicas of military, police, etc., collected for their historical significance.” Medals are awarded for campaign service, long service, loyalty, accomplishment, acts of bravery and heroism, and are interesting not simply as objects but as symbols of these qualities. Through quite extraordinary acts of bravery and selflessness war medals and awards were earned in battle. Therefore One of the most satisfying aspects of militaria collecting is to connect with history.


Collecting militaria is a good investment and the reason for this is there is a limited supply of such medals and the supply is not going to get any bigger.


Come and visit our collection of coins and militaria starting from €3.  It is never to late to start collecting.






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      Werner Wahl
      Apr 24, 2018

      Dear Remy, i would like ask for the goldcoin „50th anniversary central bank malta" Do you have this coin and are can buy it from you? Kind regards, Werner Wahl

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