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    2024 Estonia National Flower 2 Euro Coin
    2024 Estonia National Flower 2 Euro Coin

    2024 Estonia National Flower 2 Euro Coin


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    2024 Estonia National Flower 2 Euro Coin

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    The 2 euro coin featuring Estonia's national flower, the cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), is a commemorative coin issued by the Estonian government. Here are the details about the coin:

     General Information:

    - **Country**: Estonia

    - **Denomination**: 2 Euro

    - **Year of Issue**: Varies, often issued in specific commemorative years

    - **Commemorative Theme**: National symbols, including the national flower (cornflower)

    ### Design:

    - **Obverse (Front)**: 

      - Depicts the national flower of Estonia, the cornflower.

      - Design elements may include the cornflower's intricate petals and leaves, emphasizing its natural beauty.

      - The inscription typically includes the country name "EESTI" and the year of issue.

    - **Reverse (Back)**: 

      - The standard common side of all 2 euro coins, which features a map of Europe.

    ### Physical Characteristics:

    - **Diameter**: 25.75 mm

    - **Thickness**: 2.20 mm

    - **Weight**: 8.5 grams

    - **Edge**: Milled with fine lettering, which might read "2 **" repeated multiple times.

    - **Composition**: 

      - Bimetallic: The inner part is made of nickel brass (75% copper, 20% zinc, and 5% nickel).

      - The outer ring is composed of copper-nickel (75% copper and 25% nickel).

    ### Numismatic Details:

    - **Minting**: Produced by the national mint authorized by the Estonian government.

    - **Mintage**: Limited edition, specific numbers depend on the year of issue.

    - **Circulation**: Intended for both circulation and collection, often highly sought after by numismatists.

    ### Collectibility:

    - **Value**: While it has a face value of 2 euros, its collectible value can be higher depending on rarity, condition, and demand.

    - **Packaging**: Often available in special commemorative packaging for collectors, such as coin cards or presentation boxes.

    ### Symbolism:

    - **Cornflower**: The cornflower is a symbol of Estonian national pride and natural beauty. It is also associated with various cultural and historical significances in Estonia.

    This coin not only serves as legal tender but also as a piece of cultural heritage, celebrating Estonia's natural beauty and national identity.


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